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Keith Woods


Serving in the financial services industry since 1987, Keith founded Quadrant Life Planning so that he could offer his client family a broad range of financial tools to help them achieve their economic goals. He believes that people need to not only plan their finances, but also learn to make their money work for them. Money is a tool, yet many people he encounters do not fully understand how to use this tool properly and understand its many potential uses. Keith takes time to fully explain a client’s current financial picture to them before any changes are considered. No change is made unless it’s understood why the change is in a client’s best interests. The most rewarding aspect of his job is truly helping others obtain these goals, and helping his clients achieve a sustainable financial retirement strategy. This is his paramount objective.

The reason behind the company name of Quadrant Life Planning is that he believes there are four areas that an individual should plan for to help them obtain their life goals. How old a person is will determine which area should be analyzed first.

Those areas are:
A. Income Tax-Free Savings
B. Lifetime Retirement Income
C. Debt Planning
D. Medicare / Long-Term Care Insurance


Keith earned a degree in business administration from San Francisco State University. He is married to his college sweetheart and they have three beautiful children. Their three sweet yellow Labrador Retrievers accompany Keith and his wife whenever they have a chance to get away in their RV. Keith has served in local government in both elected and non-elected positions. He enjoys bass fishing and is hoping to hone that craft in the years to come. An Eagle Scout, Keith is a lifelong volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America.

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